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Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Couldn't get the setting on my camera right, but you can still see the lights.

Hanukkah 2015

Hanukkah 2015

Elijah TheBlue Evans and Abigail Iona Evans did a fine job with the lights!

Happy Hanukkah 2015

Happy Hanukkah 2015

We are not Jews, but our Messiah was, so we like to learn about His culture; it helps us understand His teachings SO much better!

The Well looks so lovely with these soft lights glowing.

Lighting of the candles

Lighting of the candles

Judy Bray was the honorary "bringer of light" tonight, on the eve of her birthday. She lit the middle "servant" candle first (represents Jesus) and used it to light the 1st candle of Hanukkah (as He lights us!).

Celebration of Miracles

Celebration of Miracles

The "servant" candle is slightly exalted (higher) than the others (it is a type and shadow of Jesus!).

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Each year we always guess which candle will be the last one burning. Most "bet" on the middle one tonight; we were wrong. FUN and BEAUTIFULLY PEACEFUL time at The Well tonight!

Prayer and reflection

Prayer and reflection

Once the candles are glowing, all other lights are extinguished while we pray. At this point, they were nearly burnt down to the end

Stokes Stoked 2015

Stokes Stoked is a community wide youth rally held at Lions Park in Walnut Cove. Times of Refreshing resurrected the event in 2014.

The partial cloud covering was a blessing to keep down the heat from the sun.

We asked for youth to quote their favorite Bible verse and tell why they liked it. Rachel Brown was our only taker on this.

We had it planned to pray over the young people at the end of the service, but about 10 minutes before that, I heard God tell me to ask my son Elijah TheBlue Evans to call the youth forward.

As the band from King performed, I suddenly felt God tell me to call up youth from each town in the county.

I felt from God to have the reps from each town in Stokes form a circle and pray to break the division between different areas of this county

The Rosebuddies bring out the streamers!

The Rosebuddies are from Rosebud Christian Church in Walnut Cove.

This year we had the privilege of having Anita's daughter, Calli Chastin Mabe, present to welcome everybody.

This is my new friend, Autumn Price, the youth leader from Faith United Ministries in King

Megan Condon from Palmyra UMC in Germanton played her guitar and sang 2 songs. Her voice was exquisite!

Many thanks to Walnut Ridge Assisted Living in Walnut Cove for donating 400 sodas and to Arbor Ridge Assisted Living in Stanleyville for providing 400 bags of chips! What a blessing!

These are the 10 keys Elijah TheBlue Evans made out of thick foam board. Each had a town/city in Stokes County written on it (including 1 for Winston-Salem).

Time to sound the shofar as the call to worship!

Didn't Donna Harrell do a beautiful job decorating a table for the founder of STOKES STOKED, Anita Burroughs Mabe?

I had never heard the praise/worship band from First Christian Church in King, but I thoroughly enjoyed them!

The weather was better than in past years. The first year Anita held STOKES STOKED in 2008, the heat was intense. It was pretty bad last year, too.

Nigel McEachern reads Scripture from Genesis as he, Elijah TheBlue Evans and Abigail Iona Evans (plus a small part by Malachi Evans) prepare to do their "Radioactive" routine

James Brock Jr. had to fill a little time with ad lib singing and exhorting when 3 acts canceled unexpectedly. It all worked out!



I made preliminary announcements to get them out of the way at 5 p.m.

Thank you to the churches who brought coolers of ice and tables and cases of bottled water. And thank you, too, for your service and financial donations.

Here is Sloan Mounce from Fulp Moravian Church in Walnut Cove. She sang a beautiful song called "Grace."

Now it's time for the youth choir from First Baptist Church in Walnut Cove.

We asked people to sign the key for their city to pledge that they wanted to dedicate their city to God!

Now it's time for the youth choir from First Baptist Church in Walnut Cove. Their song was "Great Big God O"--a terrific job

Time to get our free t-shirts, donated by HanesBrands, Inc., printed by Ken Williams at 350Tees in Walnut Cove. Excellent job!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped serve food, give out t-shirts, etc. Couldn't have done it without you!

When I asked Elijah TheBlue Evans to call the kids forth, he said he knew exactly what God wanted him to say, and he did.

Super Summer at The Well



Times of Refreshing Family

The Times of Refreshing at The Well in Walnut Cove and our family.

The Well

The Well

Our meeting place at Times of Refreshing called The Well.

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